Fire Safety Doors

We are a leading manufacturers & supplier of Fire Safety Doors in India. We provide all types of fire safety doors with good quality to our clients. We are feeling proud to announce that we are one of best leading manufacturing company in fire safety doors. We are providing best quality fire safety doors in all over big market. Now days there are big demand for fire safety doors due to their extremely best features of bearing high temperatures.   

Purpose of Safety Doors

Purpose of fire safety door in day by day use is just as like regular doors. Main purpose of these doors to keep save life and protect residue of buildings.

Where they required

On the whole anywhere a fire might start, it is advisable to use a fire safety door. For example, doors leading from: a kitchen; a lounge with a fireplace & TV; or any room with electrical utensils or flammable items.

How do fire doors work

A fire door is a door with a fire resistance rating used as part of a inactive fire protection system to reduce the increase of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe way out from a building or structure.

Fire Safety Door

Features & Specification Fire Safety Doors:

We manufacture the best quality of fire safety doors in India. We have more types of fire safety doors like Wooden and Steel, etc.

Features :

  • High Strength and long durable
  • Resistant to fire and extreme temperatures
  • High performing capacity
  • Optimum price-performance ratiO
  • offered in market with competitive price.

These doors are manufactured for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial purpose. This product can also be used for high end residential applications such as apartments and hotels where higher levels of security, durability and sound restriction are required. These fire safety doors are manufacture with industry fire safety testing standard and advanced technologies. We use best quality and fire tested raw materials to manufacture the Fire safety Doors

These fire safety doors are available in different materials like Wooden, Steel with different size and thickness as per client requirement.


  • Moisture contain limited to 18%