Fire Rated Partition

Promat’s Revolutionary Fire rated wall providing fire ratings upto 4 hours intergrity and insulation. Promat provides detailed design of the sections upto heights of 18m and more. The sections used in Promat Partition are optimised to minimise the thickness of the partition. Morover, a detailed Shop drawing is provided by us showing each and every minute detail of the partition, Punctures in the partition for allowing passage of services and utilities.

Fire Rated Partition

Approx. Price: Rs 400 / Square Feet

We are the best technical solution providers when it comes to high rise Fire Rated Partition. We design partitions for self load, wind load and impact load as per IS Standards. When the height of the partition goes above 5m, it is very important to design the framing of the partition, i.e. the thickness of the studs, the spacing of the studs, the fixing of the bottom track, expansion gap between the top track and the vertical studs, and the expansion joints in the partition.

  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable operation
  • Compact design

Other Details

  • The second layer of the board has to be vertical if the first layer is horizontal. This is required to maintain staggered joints in the partition. The second layer of the board has to be screwed same as the first layer but with 35mm screws. Also care should be taken that the second layer screw does not coincide with the first layer screw. Also, the distance between 2 scews in a stud shall not be less than 100mm.
  • The fixing of the boards also has technical procedure in order to give the best, non undulating surface. The first layer of the boards has to be first calculated by spacing the cut boards at the end and whole boards in between. There has to be screwing at nominal 200mm centers by 25mm self tapping screws using battery operated screwdrivers with screw stoppers. The torque of the screw driver also has to be set such the surface of the top of the screw is 2 mm below the board surface.
  • Once the two layers are completed, if required, rockwool/ceramic wool has to be placed in the cavity of the partition. The rockwool has to be maintained in position without gaps between adjacent layes. This is done by using insulation clips for holding the insulation in position.
  • After installing the insulation, other side boarding has to be completed. All the joints in the boards have to be filled with high quality jointing compound and then taped with glass fibre tapes and again flushed with compound. All the screw holes also need to be finished with compound. The perimeter of the partition has to be sealed with backer rod and acrylic sealant. Once the compound is dried, it has to be scrubbed, sanded and finally painted.

Fire Proof Partition

Approx. Price: Rs 400 / Square Feet

We are not the Biggest, but the smartest Fire Proof Partition provider, providing 100% genuine and tested insulated wooden Fire Doors. Insulation is the most important characteristic in a Fire Door and we are proud to be the only company in India to supply Wooden Fire Door 120mins insulation tested at CBRI Roorkee, India and at Warring ton Fire Laboratory UK.

  • Exclusiveness
  • Durable
  • Designer look


  • Banks
  • Lawyer is Offices
  • Computer Rooms
  • Share Certificate Storage Rooms
  • Stationary Departments