Fire Rated Paint

As per National Building Code, every structural steel member has to be protected against fire. The reason being that structual steel loses more than 50% of its characteristic strength when exposed to 550 degrees. Any ISO Cellulosic Fire Curve reaches 700 degrees in first 15 minutes. Fire rated Paint plays a very important role in Structural steel protection against fire as paint is the easiest applicable method. Before Painting a structural member, it is very important to calculate the dft (Dry film thickness) of the paint for the desired fire rating (e.g.120mins). To calculate the dft of the paint, we first calculate the Hp/A ratio which is the heated perimeter per cross section area. The value obtained in this calculation is compared with the standard dft chart of Promat. Fire rated Paint application is a very technical task and we are the technical masters in this application

Fire Rated Paint

Approx. Price: Rs 2,000 / Sqm

We offer wide range of Fire Rated Paint. Steel Protection offered by Promat’s revolutionary technology by using either spray or paint or board cladding. The thickness of the coating is determined by calculating Hp/A Ratio of the steel section.

We offer following Systems:

  • Cafco Spray film WB3 Intumescent Paint
  • Cafco Fendolite and Mandolite Vermiculite Spray
  • Promatect H Board Cladding