Fire Rated Doors

Suniti construction is the leading manufacturer & supplier of fire rated doors, acoustic doors, fire rated exterior doors, functional sliding doors, steel fire rated doors, fire rated wood entry doors, rolling shutters and etc. Suniti offers thousands of choices the fire-rated doors including fire-rated wood doors  with fire ratings up to 90-minute and the fire rated doors are available with 20,45,60 and 90 minute fire ratings. The fire-rated glass doors are the great and perfect solution for conference rooms, offices and libraries where the fire door is required. Suniti fire-rated glass doors are built with the same premium construction as suniti’s other stile and the rail doors.The fire rated doors are usually used in buildings to prevent the passage of fire and smoke between two areas or compartments. They are used as protecting people and property from fires.

The door is tasted and frames receive a label that describes the amount of time the component is expected to provide to protection when exposed to fire. Because of this reason, all components of the door must include a , including the door panel rating label, locksets, the door frame, hinges gaskets  and door protection plates. In the permanent label is attached to the door frame and door panel usually on the hinge side of both. The Local codes should be reviewed, but in general, rated doors must be must have a positive latch and self-closing.  If there are also limits to the width of gaps between the size of glazing door panels, and the size of air transfer grilles, the height of the door under-cut.

The fire and smoke must be stopped in their tracks to save property and, is more importantly, protecting lives.  Our advanced fire door systems compartmentalize a fire event quickly allowing immediately time from the building. 

Fire Rated Door

Features and Benefits: 

In the manufacturer of a wide range of products which include cold room door, steel door, clean room door, fire resistant door, steel door, residential door and commercial steel door.


  • If made for Clean room Interior Applications 
  • there are no Pressure Leakage
  • Acoustic 
  • If the designed to meet hygienic and stringent requirement of  clean rooms
  • as per requirement of customer
  • it lush Surface, Easy to Assemble
  • it prevents Bacteria Growth
  • there are no Pressure Leakage  


  •  The fire ratings up to 90 minutes.
  •   Maximum availability in any size (up to 8 feet tall) for single and pair openings.
  •  There is virtually any width to accommodate varying wall thicknesses.
  •  If the adjustable clip providing quick and easy installation

Suniti  construction offers  the lots of choices the fire-rated doors and the fire rated wood doors with fire ratings up to 90-minute.The fire rated doors have been designed to match to other interior doors.Fire rated doors are available with 20-,  45-, 60- and 90-minute fire ratings.The fire rated doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimize the property damage during a fire.


  • single or double-leaf
  • wooden or steel door frame
  • smoke tightness class Sa and Sm
  • side glazed or full panel partitions available
  • solid or with fireproof glazing
  • noise insulation properties up to 32 dB